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Last updated 20 Apr '97, 18:00.

Hello, my name's Ben Fozard, welcome to my new webpage, there isn't much on it as I've just started up. I'm 18 years old and at college doing A-levels, I live in Huddersfield and am hoping to go to UMIST in Manchester next year to do Electronic Engineering. My hobbies include, mountian biking, listening to music, computering, making music, Red Dwarf, Monty Python films eg. Life of Brian, Holy Grail. (A Grail?!) etc. My music interests include KLF, Prodigy, Orb, REM, Dire Straits, Oasis + many more, I can't actually think of at the moment!

Do you find it Wrisible?

I have also got another page which is a NEW! download site for PaCifiST an excellent Atari ST Emulator for the PC written by Frederic Gidouin. Lots of new additions to this page, check it out now!

I hope to put lots of midi files, some of my own + many others I have obtained on this page in the future. All of which will be improved to work with an AWE 32. I'll also put lots of Python samples on that I've sampled myself, they sound really good assigned to various Win95 operations!

I have a massive colloection of Midi songs so I may well be putting some of them on soonish.

If your browser can handle scrolling messages then you'll see one below, if not then you'll get a mass of text! Internet Explorer 3 seems to be able to handle then.

ATHUR: What manner of man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder? TIM: I... am an enchanter. ARTHUR: By what name are you known? TIM: There are some who call me... Tim? ARTHUR: Greetings, Tim the Enchanter. TIM: Greetings, King Arthur! ARTHUR: You know my name? TIM: I do. [zoosh] You seek the Holy Grail! ARTHUR: That is our quest. You know much that is hidden, O Tim. TIM: Quite. [pweeng boom] [clap clap clap] ARTHUR: Yes, we're, we're looking for the Grail. Our quest is to find the Holy Grail. KNIGHTS: It is, yes, yup, yes, yeah. ARTHUR: And so we're, we're, we're, we're looking for it. KNIGHTS: Yes we are we are. BEDEMIR: We have been for some time. ROBIN: Ages. ARTHUR: Uh, so, uh, anything you can do to, uh, to help, would be... very... helpful... GALAHAD: Look, can you tell us wh- [boom] ARTHUR: Fine, um, I don't want to waste anymore of your time, but, uh I don't suppose you could, uh, tell us where we might find a, um, find a, uh, a, um, a uh-- TIM: A what...? ARTHUR: A g--, a g-- TIM: A Grail?! ARTHUR: Yes, I think so. KNIGHTS: Yes, that's it. Yes. TIM: Yes! KNIGHTS: Oh, thank you, splendid, fine. [boom pweeng boom boom]

A few files for you

All file marked * sound a lot better with drums.sbk assigned to bank 1.

All files marked ** require basses.sbk assigned to bank 2 aswell as drums.sbk to bank 1.

Horizon - a song by me* (6K) Sounds Ok on AWE 32, sounds much better with drums.sbk. (zip)

Everything I do.. - Brian Adams* (18K) I think it's a good rendition. Good use of the piano. (zip)

English man in New York - Sting* (14K) Rather good. Done bit of editing myself. (zip)

The Naked Gun theme* (3K) Not bad. (zip)

The Pink Panther Theme* (2K)Ok once the sax comes in. (zip)

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton** (14K) Excellent version of this song. (zip) (15K) Tim the Enchanter saying "A Grail?!" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (zip) (6K) The Knights that say "Ni!" saying "Ni!" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (zip)

A few links

AWE 32 Hot Spot site (Lots of SBKs)

Also check this great site out for some great midi songs by known artists

Go to lisa's pageAnother page by me in tribute to my mate Lisa

Click here to go to my mates Mountain Biking page.

You'll also find more links on my "new look" other page.

Hi! to everyone I know.