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The Official Lisa "Marie" Corcoran Tribute Page

Last updated 8 Apr '97


Gravity + Alcohol = Lisa in here favourite position

What can we say about this wonderful friend of ours? Although is may seem like she prefers life upside down, however she does appreciate the finer things in life the right way up. We hope this site provides you with a better picture of what she is like as a "person", and a part-time penguin. (She'll also kill us for putting her on the web!)


Look at the bones!

Notice the similarities between the bone structure of the penguin and that of lisa's arms! No really. She has a thing with horses. An explanation will be given, on request, about a piece of equipment she aquired on her last birthday called the ' Horse-o-Matic Mk II Special Edition '. In brief, it is used for befriending horses on walks in the country or D of E expeditions.

Who are Rob and Ben Creations?

Rob and Ben Creations was set up in the early part of 1996 by Rob Harris and Ben Fozard to carry out humorous schemes to place the selected party into mortal embarassment. Poster campaigns, one off birthday presents and much, much more are the methods usually employed. If you have requests or enquiries about our projects you can e-mail Ben Fozard here.

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