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What's New in this page: New ST Emulator link.

Due to the rise of the number of PaCifiST pages I have split this page into sections to give more credit to the people who were first on the PaCifiST scene. All pages on this page are equaly worthy of a visit, but I recommend you visit the ones in section 1 first.

Please Note:-

If one of these sites contains programs that aren't shareware or public domain - you are required to delete it within 24 hours if you do not own the original. This is VERY important!

Section 1

This section has the first set of PaCifiST pages that came on the scene. I think it is worth visiting these before the other sites that have recently been set-up.

The PaCifiST Offical Homepage This is the mirror site for Frederic Gidouin's PaCifiST homepage. If you don't already know, Frederic is the GENIUS behind PaCifiST, so obviously his site is going to be visited by you now! This link goes to his faster mirror site.

Aengus Jankowsky's ST Emulator Site This was the first PaCifiST related site and is well worth a visit. Check out Aengus's AsiST program, a DOS front end for PaCifiST. There are also loads of links to other sites, and much, much more! It is also the home of AssiST and AssiST 97. Click on it now! Still here?

Jetman's ST Nostalgia Trip Another one of the first PaCifiST pages which is kept by Damien Burke. This one has a lot of help for using PaCifiST and is excellent for newcommers to the PaCifiST scene. This page also has lots of downloads and links.

ST Emulator Page Another PaCifiST page. Has many downloads. This was also one of the first PaCifiST pages to appear on the scene.

Atari ST Emulation An EXCELLENT site that's gone through huge changes that makes it one of the best PaCifIST sites around. Look at it now!

Section 2

This section has all the newish PaCifiST pages and other pages that are for STs in gereral.

Node 99 This is an excellent site dedicated to emulation on many platforms. THE place to go if you're into emuation. This is the NEW link - site currently moving.

Leonard Homepage Run ny the guy who did the sound for PaCifiST - so naturally you have to go to his page now and see all his ST sound programs!

STOS - The Game Creator Files An excellent "Everything STOS related" site which has many files to download. Also check out GEMMA, a new extension that allows the use of GEM windows and other functions from within STOS!

Sully's ST Nostalgia Page Another excellent site dedicated to PaCifiST and the ST in general. This time it's held by Jeff Sullivan. Well worth a visit!

The Compatibility Page This is page with a comprehensive list of working ST software with PaCifiST. The author also has other interesting pages.

Tektonix Page An excellent site with many useful downloads for use with your PC. Also has an Atari ST section with some excellent programs. Check out Fuji Bar, a win95 front-end for use with PaCifiST. Page by Matt Sephton.

TiK'S Atari ST PAGE Another very good site with lots of downloads. Definatly worth a visit!

dUSTBIN Downloads Another page that has some downloads. It is updated VERY frequently so it is well worth visiting on a regular basis!

PaCifiST GUI Hompage This links to the PaCifiST GUI Homepage a Windows front end for PaCifiST written by Jonathan McHugh.

And-E's Atari Page A nice page with some rare downloads not to be found on other sites. Check it out!

Boogieman's ST page A VERY nice looking page with some rare downloads that other sites don't have. Check it frequently as the downloads cycle round.

The Bomb Martin Watts presents this very nice PaCifiST support page with lots of tips and useful downloads! It is updated very frequently so go there as often as you can!.

Free fonts on-line This excellent page has lots of fonts from ST demos and games and generally from the web. The fonts you see on this page are from this page! It is well worth a visit!

Atari ST Emulation This site has a comprehensive list of working/tested games with PaCifiST with the version of the game that has been tested. Maintained by fellow UMISTian Matthew Prest!

The Little Greeen Desktop A very good looking site which boasts every Pompey disk ever released! Also has a seacrh engine for games. Page created by Richard Davey.

Chris's Atari ST Pages A site with a compatibility list. There are many useful downloads including FCOPYPro as mentioned on my tips page.

Atari ST central A well organised site with downloads, tips, roms, a special trading post and much, much more. Go there.

The Emulation Club Has many ST related things, and also emulation on other platforms such as the C64! Definatly worth a visit!

The Atari ST Demo page A page with information and downloads of MANY ST demos from all the the best demo writers on the ST. If you want a demo, go there!

TOSBOX Atari Emulation Homepage Homepage of a brand new Emulator for all those GEM programs you've got lying around. This is NOT for games, but handles GEM programs better than PaCifiST. Download this now, it's essential!

If anyone wants a link putting to their page just give us a mail. If anyone has mailed me recently and I still havent put there link on can you give us another mail.

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