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What's New in this page: New version of PaCifiST

Latest version (200k) Latest version. Has new ini directives. (176k) PaCifiST - the latest version of the Emualtor itself. This zip contains the emulator, docs, an example of an St image file, and a TOS dumping program.

Essentials (25k) This is Frederic's program for creating .ST files (disk images) for use with PaCifiST. A must if you get PaCifiST! (25k) Another program to create .ST files (disk images). This is a bit more user friendly than Frederic's version, but does the same job. (200k) This is the new Windows 95 version of AssiST! Setting up and running PaCifiST has never ever been so easy!The AssiST homepage. (55k) Version 0.28a. An excellent DOS program for setting up PaCifiST by Aengus Jankowsky. It saves you having to edit pacifist.ini every time you change a setting. Highly Recommended! Go to the The AssiST homepage.

PaCifiST GUI This links directly to the PaCifiST GUI homepage where you can get this excellent Windows front end for PaCifiST written by Jonathan McHugh. (5k) Dumps you're ST's TOS on to disk, unzip and put it on an ST disk, put it in your ST, load the file and wait! PaCifiST comes with its own TOS dumping utility - this is an alternative if the other doesn't work.

Extras (24k) An ST program for converting ST disks to files and back again. Useful for transfering files from your ST to your PC. (5k) An icon file and registry file for Win 95, 3.xx by Matt Sephton that contains lots of ST icons used by some of the older TOSes (.PRG etc.). Also makes .ST files have a nice disk picture. Recommened!. Thanks to Matt for allowing me to put this on my page. (11k) An icon file that gives you lots of different icons for use with TOS 2.06. Unzip this and put the file in the root directroy of the mounted ST drive.


TCB tracker (43k) TCB Tracker. An excellent ST tracker which works very well with PaCifiST - time to dig out those old mods! Just on zip it to your mounted ST drive. (94k) Two MODs for use with TCB tracker. One by the author and one by me. Happy listening...


Mouse Trap (70k) Disk image. Yep! I'm afraid this annoying little game is back! A little platform game with catchy music that will keep you going for at least 10 minutes!

Arkonoid 2Wizball (219k) Disk image. Arkonoid 2 and Wizball on one disk! Two classic games for your downloading pleasure. Something to remind you of the good old days.

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