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What is PaCifiST?

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PaCifiST is an excellent ATARI ST emulator written by Frederic Gidouin. It emulates the ST very well (see the specifications list below for more details). It is being updated very frequently (sometimes weekly). Watch this space! The Official PaCifiST homepage will tell you more about PaCifiST itself. Many games games and programs are working with it (see my games page, and my programs page). Games can be downloaded from other sites, there are also a couple on this site (see my games page).

PaCifiST can be downloaded from this page (see below). It requires a TOS dump, so basically you need run the TOS dump program that comes with every version of PaCifiST, or download another TOS dumping program from my utilites page. Put either TOS dumping program on an ST disk and put it into your old ST and double-click on it, and as if by magic a file of your TOS appears on your page. You can also download TOSes from other pages. (see my links page). BUT: TOS is still copyrighted so if you didn't own TOS and you have downloaded a full TOS you must delete it within 24 hours. I recommend you use the TOS dumping programs as these provide a very legal way of getting TOS.

Download the latest versions here

PaCifiST 0.47 (200k) The latest version. Has new ini directives (zip)

PaCifiST 0.46 (176k) This is more stable than the latest release. (zip)

I recommend you visit my utilites page to download lots of PaCifiST related programs that you may find useful.


This list provides a non-technical look at what PaCifiST can do.

  • All ST screen modes
  • Reads PC clock for accurate time
  • Chip music emulation
  • STF samples (buggy)
  • Use a PC folder as an ST Hard drive
  • Use ST disk images for quicker loadihng off PC drive
  • Direct reading of ST disk in PC drive A (buggy)
  • Full ST Keyboard layout emulated
  • Joystick emulation
  • Use the keyboard instead of a joystick
  • Comprehensive mouse emulation
  • Works with all ST TOS roms
  • Allows up to 14 Megs of ST RAM to be used
  • Very fast!
  • Allows the ST to run at the speed of a PC (ie. Generally much faster)
  • Joystick calibration
  • Screen shot grabbing
  • Can switch between several ROMs under monitor
  • Support for GUS soundcards
  • Able to record .YM soundfiles
  • Saving in many games, like Deuteros.
  • And more!
  • Stuff it can't do at present..

  • No STE emualtion (comming soon)
  • Can't read protected disks (ie. commercial games)
  • No Midi support
  • What's new in version 0.46...

  • Bugfixes: GUS driver, ASL.L Dx,Dy instruction
  • RAR support in Disksector, shortcuts for filenames
  • Better YM recording, with playback under monitor
  • STE blittler now emulated
  • Future versions will have...

  • GUS support
  • Better saved image support
  • Better disk emulation
  • 68030 support
  • TOSes selectable from within the emualtor
  • Enhanced graphics modes
  • STE Emulation eg. DMA, Blitter
  • Better monitor
  • To name but a few!

    Okay, you've downloaded PaCifiST yep? You think it is excellent right? Ok, now visit The Official PaCifiST homepage to find out how you can thank the Frederic for his excellent emulator. He is not getting paid for it, so any contribution will be recieved with open arms! Visit his page now and see how you can contribute. Give!

    If anyone has any questions about PaCifiST, just give us a mail and I'll try and help you out.

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